The Creation of Orda

In a beginning, the minor creator Godling Eru Iluvatar,, frustrated with the frequent changes others imposed upon his creations - went into seclusion in a far off corner of the metaverse. It was difficult and time consuming to reach, and thus he felt assured of his seclusion.

Through the powers of Musicology he created the 'world'[Prime Material Plane] of Orda and started it on its journey of creation. He created a number of shepherds to help shape the growth of this world, including the introspective, solitary Ent's and their counterparts, the gregarious and social Ont's[known to the Ent's as the Entwives.....rather self centered of them].

Wielding the powers of creation being exhausting, Eru went away to recruit aid for the future - calling them his Ainur. Meanwhile on Orda millenia would pass, with the powers of creation coursing through the land.

While he was so occupied, the Ent's grew more and more solitary, leaving the Ont's bereft...until one day they were contacted by the great deity Tas. Tas was the patron deity of the races of halflings, and his people were in flight from their homeland. Tas requesting sanctuary, and the Ont's were only too happy to provide it.

And so the first "people" came to Orda, and along with those people came their patron deities. The great defender deity Tas. His stalwart companion Flint. This great migration was accomplished with the aid of the patrons of white and black magic, Fizban and Raistlin. Other lesser powers were also to help shepherd this journey.

Centuries later, when Eru and his Ainur returned, they returned to a land already populated! Great was the anger of Eru, and long did he strive to reclaim his land with the aid of his Great Captain Melkor - embued by Eru with great powers of destruction. In the end, however, Tas and his companions were victorious. It is said that Eru abandoned his playing in disgust and moved even further off, to start anew - to create the world of Arda.

Meanwhile, the world of Orda in the plane of Middle Oerth has become a land of refugee's - were many of the small, the overlooked, the under appreciated races have found their way to - both before and after the war - and made a home for themselves.

Because of the difficulty in reaching this plane from others[as well as the embarrassment of admitting to being, say, "Zeus, storm god of the Halflings!"] there are far fewer deities for the races of Orda - most of them being demi gods from the plane of Kynn that were cajoled into aiding Tas. However, despite their humble origins, these deities enjoy a great deal of power on Orda, and vigilantly watch over their people.

Moreover, it is not merely from the world of Krynn that Orda draws it's gods. From the plane of Prydain has come the great god of Wisdom and War, Gurgi. Along with his companions, Glew the god of illusions and neutral magic - and Fflewddur Fflam - patron of musicians, storytellers, and bards.

While this world may appear as humorous to those looking at it from outside, the residents of this land take their lives seriously.

CSA - pick your own.

I really don't get people....

First off, and most confusing, almost no one goes down an entire row of vegetables. I tend to go at the end of the alloted time for pickup, which means most everyone else has already been there. Week after week I've heard people commenting about how there are no "ripe" whatever it is to pick that day left. Yet I see lots of whatever it is left. All you have to do is go to the end of the row. Most people go halfway, and then if they haven't seen much ripe give up. I tend to go all the way down the row and start at the end, and I almost never make it to the halfway point! There is just so much ripe and there.

Then there are the weeks when people comment there is nothing ripe when there are quarts and quarts ripe throughout the entire row. It's just that the tomato's split and healed, and for some reason they assume it's "bad"...if it ain't oozing and healed, it's fine. Just because it's not "perfect" looking doesn't mean it is bad. [and if it is oozing, then as long as it is a recent split and it's not decaying, it's just fine to pick and eat right away!].

Lastly there are the spices....people either pick just the little "perfect" looking leaves, or the whole plant.... Your chopping it up! Who cares if it is perfect looking? Plus, if you pick the large leaves and the top leaves, your leaving the small leaves to grow as now they will get moisture and sun! So don't take the whole thing, leave some to grow! Starting at the end of the basil row, I picked bags and bags of basil because everyone was ignoring the large leaves and it was badly overgrown to the point that some plants where drying up due to competition.

Why I won't play the "Santa Clause Game"

Many people don't understand why I won't play the Santa Clause game. It's a harmless little lie they, I for one am not above lying for convenience at times.... and I certainly have lied to my kids on occasional. So why the big deal about Christmas? It's because the "Santa Clause" game can lead to exclusion, harassment, and fights in my experience. Please not, this is my direct experience, not supposition.

As a child, I saw fights between kids who believed and those who didn't. Once things even got physical! Friendships were broken... From an adult perspective, when I see kids fighting the fighting seems less "real"...but I remember the bitter hurt feelings of various kids and to them it's very real.

Next off we have the "theory" of who get's presents. Good kids get presents, bad kids do not. So any kids in school who don't get presents are, by definition, bad. Which leads to shunning of those kids. With kids who are not being brought up in a christian household, it is possible to explain that only the kids who celebrate Christmas get presents. And that mitigates the shunning, but I still saw it occur to an extent.

There is also the logical fallacy of the present theory. If Good kids get presents, and bad kids do not, then the quantity and quality of your presents must be related to how "good" you are! Since the presents come from "Santa Clause" - your families income bracket should have no effect on the presents!

Of course, your income bracket does affect the quantity and quality of presents. So for kids, it fosters feeling that wealthy people are better than poorer people. And yes, I remember this occurring as well..

Lastly, and this one I'm somewhat ashamed of, while I remember understanding that "kids who don't celebrate Christmas" don't get presents...there are those kids who DO celebrate Christmas who don't get presents. There are a few flavors of Christianity that celebrate the birth of Christ, yet do not exchange presents as the point of the holiday is to celebrate humanity's salvation, not gift giving.

There was a girl, Jennifer, who lived about a mile from me in my class at grade school who's family was of one of those faiths. And I remember before Christmas asking her on the bus what she wanted. And her answer that her family don't give presents to each other... I remember my feeling and thinking...but presents come from Santa, not the family, so she should still get those! If she didn't get those, she must have done something "wrong". And for at least a few days after that, I stopped sitting in the seat in front of her and put some distance...just so it didn't rub off on me. Sure, there's no assigned seating, but even as kids we have habits, and I had a habit of sitting in front her which I changed because of her answer.

If I had talked to my parents, it would have been cleared up, but that isn't something I would ask my parents as a kid since it wasn't like we were close friends or anything. I simply shunned her for a few days.... to this day I feel guilty about that. Hopefully she didn't notice, since I don't recall doing anything active....

And that is why I don't play the game. I would rather not engage in something which can lead to my kids doing that to anyone else.
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Meme origins: groundhog day

In a television show, a "groundhog day" episode is a repeating meme. This is where one character keeps repeating the same day over and over for some unknown reason.

The origin of the term comes from the title of a truly fantastic 1993 movie starring Bill Murray:

What bugs me though is I wonder is if there are earlier versions of this same theme, main charector repeating the same day, etc or if Groundhog Day was the certainly owns the mindshare.

Anyone know of earlier versions?
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The trouble with Supernatural Fiction

Buffy, Angel, Being Human, Grimm...all these shows tend to have one major problem. In order to make the show more dramatic, they ramp up the power levels of Vampires, Werewolves, and other historic monsters. The quandary this creates though is that if characters with action to late 20th century technology and weapons can just barely win against these monsters, then it is inconceivable that humans in the centuries pre-dating modern weaponry could have done anything but die in droves when fighting them.

I just started watching Supernatural and so far, they have been able to keep the "monsters" scary without having to make them so powerful that they could never have been defeated in the past. Of course, this is just season 1, so I'll see how they do over time[I think there are eight seasons and counting... plenty of time to blow it.]

Cooking tip

When making rosemary and olive oil roasted potato's, do not substitute lots of skullcap for the rosemary!
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Me: "If you don't want my opinion, don't ask me for it!"
Sandy: "I didn't ASK FOR YOUR OPINION, I wanted to know what you thought!"
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